Born in Korea, I am a choreographer based in New York. 
I previously started my career by questioning the idea and concept of 'choreography,’
which was not always eloquently understood in the particular form of Korean traditional dance.
The desire to foster a refreshing outlet within the conservatively stereotypical Korean traditional dance community
lead me to found the dance project group Limbo Project.
As one of the pioneers of the independent cultural arts movements in Korea during the 1990’s,
I am proud to have trail-blazed a new method resistant to the traditional dance, existing orders, and practiced methods
that dominated the Korean traditional dance community.
Along with the challenging issue of “the contemporaneity eradicated from the Korean traditional dance,”
I am determined to maintain the exploration of the structural analysis on the matter’s traditional dance movements and
on the phenomenological relationship shaped within the system of contemporary performance art.
Through collaborating with play directors, curators, and visual artists,  
I’ve expanded my range of practices into more interdisciplinary performance art encompassing theatrical and visual art
rather than confining my genre to only dance.
In doing so, I would like to challenge the existing forms and institutions;
exchange ideas with those in different dimensions and more profoundly suggest artistic performative practices in new forms.
Currently, I am working on various projects in relation with the issue of ‘choreography as the expansion of the object and the idea.’
Here, I would like to lay all the objects including languages, the audience, photography, architecture, lighting, sound, and even nature,
in choreographic horizontality and test its potentialities to be the choreographed.