Unlearn (working title) is a duet dance/theater work
with a live music, sounds and texts,
which contained the formalities and 
free-ranges in many ways throughout.
Trained in Korean traditio nal dance form the age six, Yanghee Lee is a dancer and contemporary dance choreographer who, for the past several years, has been looking back to her own introduction to the medium and re-confronting traditional forms and limitations.
This piece took form through the process of exploring the origins of the circle and other traditional forms emphasized in Korean dance.
Exploration and articulation traditional forms on the stage, Yanghee Lee(Limbo Project) and Barney O’Hanlon (SITI Company) especially challenge to point out their habitual movements with a cumulative research process.
yearlong ongoing project is a continuation between one classical trained dancer and one self-taught dancer to revisit their muscle memories and redefine their own stylized dance form. With unlearning each other’s body history, it is a travel in between form and authentic movement, creating a dialog between our cultural heritage and personal work. 
One of its primary motives is to investigate traditional Koran dance as an independent art form and language, continually questioning and further developing the state of contemporary dance.
Duet Version https://vimeo.com/86893786
 2. 10. 2014.Movement Research Fall at the Judson Church
 Concept and direction: Yanghee Lee 
 Choreography in collaboration with Yanghee Lee and  Barney O’Hanlon
 Videographer Nic Petry
 Photo Ian Douglas
- Solo version https://vimeo.com/174548776
 5. 1. 2016.WestFest Dance 2016. Martha Graham Theater,NY