- Live performance, approx. 8 hours


- Single-channel video with two wooden chairs, Random Play

Conception & Orchestration: Yanghee Lee 

Performer: Myung-jun Noh (light), Hankil Ryu (sound), Yanghee Lee (movement), Ok Ju Son(document) 

Book Design: Kyeong-soo Lee, Yanghee Lee 

Video Editing: Jae Young Ahn 

Video Operator: Soyoung Bae

Space Consultation: Jong Soung Kimm

Production Management: Jiyoung Jung, Hyo Gyoung Jeon

Organized by Art Sonje Center

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, C2 Artechnolozy, Pine Art Label, CollagE, C!here space sharing movement, OUR/VODKA, Secret Base, nonfictionhome.kr




- Live Performance, Approx. 17 Mins


Conception & Written: Yanghee Lee 

Performer: Yanghee Lee (Movement)

Music: Jung Min-A, Jon Hopkins

Organized By New York Live Arts

Supported, in part, the Arts Council of Korea

A solo theatrical dance performance originally written, choreographed and acted by Yanghee Lee from South Korea, Dusk is a story of one’s most personal yet universal relationship - that of a father and a daughter - and the journey to finding one’s own authenticity in the world.
Symbolizing the transition from hatred and selfishness to love and acceptance, Dusk takes a mind’s journey through shifting life’s circumstances. Fluttering with anticipation, Dusk embraces one’s own search for unique self.