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Yanghee Lee (lives and works in New York and Seoul)

Yanghee Lee is an interdisciplinary artist working with performing art, installation and text.  After years of studying traditional Korean dance, Lee began her own choreographic career by questioning the concept of “choreography” as a limited medium in need of a modern update within traditional dance forms. 

With a strong focus on the exploration of the structural analysis on elements and characteristics of theater and on the phenomenological relationship shaped within the system of contemporary art, Lee experiments with the meaning and possibilities of choreography, expanding its subjects and scope beyond movement in order to encompass the sustained and unflinching investigation of a new, multidimensional view of performing arts.

Her work primarily addresses  the notion of temporality and materiality of performing arts and its potential valuable amplitude in the present.


2005 - 2007   M.A. Dance Education, New York University, New York, USA

2001 - 2004   M.A. Physical Education, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

1994 - 1998   B.F.A. Traditional Korean Dance, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


Gesamtkunstwerk (2019) Samcheonggak, Seoul, Korea

Two Ceiling And One Door (2019), Space Can, Seoul, Korea

Gesamtkunstwerk Artist Talk (2019) Paradise ZIP, Seoul, Korea

Étude No.1 & No. 2 (2018)  The Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Korea 

DUSK (2018) Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea 

Wrong Distance In Right Place (2016) The WestFest Dance Festival Top Floor & Movement Research Artist-In-Residence Performance, The Martha Graham Theater(NYC) & Center for Performance Research(Brooklyn), USA

BLURB (2015) The Movement Research at The Judson Church Fall, NYC, USA

Unlearn: The Form And Cliché V1.1 (2014) The Tradition (Un)Realized, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Unlearn (Work In Progress) (2014, 2015) The Movement Research At The Judson Church Fall And Spring, NYC, USA

Untitled (2013) The AUNT, Art@Renaissance, Brooklyn, USA

Distorted (2012) The The Waiting Room Of Episteme, Culture Station Seoul284, Seoul, Korea

Drop It (Work In Progress) (2012) The Fresh Tracks Residency Showing, New York Live Arts, NYC, USA

DUSK (2011) The 2011-2012 Fresh Tracks, New York Live Arts, NYC, USA

Three Seconds (2011) The Kitchen, NYC, USA

Solo Improvisation (2011) The Seoul International Improvisation Festival, The Arko Theater, Seoul, Korea

108 Wooster Project Vol.1 (2010) 108 Wooster Street, NYC, USA

Protuberance (2008) The DUMBO Dance Festival, John Ryan Theater, Dance Theater Workshop Bessie SchÖnberg Theater(NYC), USA

Yule (2007, 2008) The Fridays At Noon, The 92nd Street Y (NYC), Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival, Kensico Dam Plaza (Valhalla), USA

Salpuri (2007) Culture Shock, Duchesne Center Manhattanville College, NYC, USA


Étude For Étude-Dance Composition (2018)  Choreography And Performance In A Film Work Of Min Oh(Min-Oh.Net), SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum Of Art, Seoul, Korea       

Ten Years, Please (2017), Choreography An Object-Oriented Performance, Comprising Artist Jewyo Rhii’s Art Objects Namsan Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

Audience And Performers (2017), Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With Min Oh, Arko Art Center, Korea,

EARTH, A Play About People (2015) Choreography, Superhero Clubhouse, Drama League, NYC, USA

EDDA/Voluspå (2015) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With The Ymist, Center For Performing Arts, Tanumshede, Sweden And Nynorskens Hus(Oslo), Ungdomshuset Nordvang(Ål), Gimle(Bergen), Ungdomshallen(Stord), Norway

Just Duet/The Passaggio (2014) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With ShinRock Kim, Post Theater, Seoul, Korea

WAKE (2014) Choreography And Performance For The Columbia University Stages 2014 Season, Conelly Theater, NYC, USA

Iphigenia And Other Daughters (2014) Assistant Choreography Julliard School Drama Division 2014 Season, NYC, USA

Hill House Mine (2011) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With Liza Green, Summercamp’s ProjectProject, Los Angeles, USA

Ejercicios De Belleza/Beauty Exercises (2011) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With Megan Hanley, 20th Annual HOT! Festival, Dixon Place, NYC, USA

Dream (2001) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With Underground Band Jam, Seoul, Korea

Noah’s Ark (1999) Choreography And Performance In Collaboration With Hoi Ro Do, Presented As Part Of The 99 Independent Art Festival, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

The Limbo (1997-1999) Periodical Performances, Pang & Underground, Seoul, Korea


Graceful Exit (2016) The Syndicate, 2015-2016 Mabou Mines/Suite Resident Artist Program, The Clemente Center, NYC, USA

Occasion And Other Occurrences (2016) Isabel Lewis, Did Beacon, USA

SITI Company 20th Anniversary JAM (2013) SITI Company, BAM Fisher, Brooklyn, USA

Café Variation (2012), SITI Company, New York Live Arts, NYC, USA

DisOriented (2011), Assistant Choreography And Performance, The Peter Jay Sharp Theater, NYC, USA

SIT, STAND, WALK, LIE DOWN…(2010), Phil Soltanoff, Siteline2010, Governors Island, NYC, USA

The Diamond Trade (2010) Kyoung H. Park, La MaMa Move Festival, LA Mama, NYC, USA

Open Performance Of Movement Research (2010), Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, USA

The Dancing Spirit From DISORIENTED (2009), The Barrow Street Theatre, NYC, USA

Douglas Dunn's Regular Summer Dance Performance (2006), Douglas Dunn, Douglas Dunn Studio, NYC, USA

Mirror Of Stone (2005 ) Hae-Jin Chung, Korean National Theater, Seoul, Korea


2019 Paradise ZIP, Paradise Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea

2016 Toga International Festival Research Residency, SOCT Company, Japan

2015 The Ymist Company, Vitlycke – Center For Performing Arts, Sweden

2014-2016 Movement Research Artist-In-Residences, NYC, USA

2014 SITI Company Skidmore Summer Residency, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

2013 Summer Residency Of Birach, Germany

2013 The Field Summer Residency, NYC, USA

2012 The Fresh Tracks Artist Residency At New York Live Arts, NYC, USA

2011 The Field's Winter Residency, NYC, USA

2011 La MaMa International Symposium For Directors, Umbria, Italy

2009 The International Art Program At The Watermill Center, Watermill, USA

2008 Artist-In-Residence IMPACT New York University, NYC, USA


2019 Workshop: Limbo Project Performing Arts Lab Module 2.3, Piknic, Seoul, Korea

2019 Workshop: Limbo Project Performing Arts Lab Module 2.1 - 2.2, Paradise ZIP, Seoul, Korea

2019 Workshop;The Viewpoints+Pure Motion, Leeum Museum, Seoul, Korea

2019 Workshop: Airy Movement Present Movement Improvisation Jam Workshop, Busan, Korea

2019 Workshop: Limbo Project Performing Arts Lab Module 1, d/p, Seoul, Korea

2019 Artist Talk: The Monday Salon, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea

2018 Artist Talk With Min Oh, The Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Korea

2017 Workshop: The Viewpoints, HwaEom International Residency , Guryegun, Korea

2017 Workshop: The Viewpoints + B3, PlayBST, Korea

2016 Workshop: B3, Movement Research Sunday Process Labs, Eden's Expressway, NYC, USA

2013 Workshop: The Viewpoints + B3, W Stage World Culture Open, Seoul, Korea

2013 Special Lecture: The Viewpoints + B3, The Korean National University Of Arts

2013 Special Lecture: The Viewpoints + B3, The Hanyang University Seoul, Korea

2013 Special Lecture: The Viewpoints + B3, The Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

2012 Workshop: The Viewpoints + B3, Culture Station Seoul284, Seoul, Korea

2007 Special Lecture: Culture Shock, Duchesne Center Manhattanville College, NYC, USA

2007-2008 Part-Time Lecturer: Korean Traditional Dance, Donghwa Cultural Foundation, New Jersey, USA

1994-2002 Part-Time Lecturer: Korean Traditional Dance, Ye Won Art School, Seoul, Korea


2019 Theater Support Grant, Arts Council of Korea, Korea

2019 Project Grant, Seoul Foundation For Arts And Culture, Korea

2018 Project Grant, Seoul Foundation For Arts And Culture, Korea

2016 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Grant, USA

2014-2016 Jerome Foundation Grant: Movement Research Artist-In-Residences, USA

2011-2012   International Cultural Exchange Grant, Arts Council Korea, Korea

2012 Jerome Foundation Grant: The Fresh Tracks Artist Of New York Live Arts, USA

1990 The First Prize In Korean Creative Dance Section. Ewha Womans University, Korea

1989 The First Prize In Korean Creative Dance Section. Hanyang University, Korea