Yanghee Lee

- Live performance, approx. 3 hours

- botanical installation, culinary installation, acryl, steel frame, two-channel video, Random Play

Gesamtkunstwerk is a new composite art form based on the dance elements and characteristics of Lee Yanghee, a longtime researcher of traditional dance – one that combines live performance, botanical object installations, fashion, food and drink, and mingling with viewers with Argentinian tango party and milonga festivities. Banquets will take place for three hours on November 29 and 30 in the Ilhwadang building at Samcheonggak. Through “Unlearn,” the model and paradigm for thinking are to become an independent performance in “Practice” form. This is to be presented in the form of brief internal vignettes within an ongoing tango suite (tanda), realized through variations and fragmented representations at the Ilhawdong milonga.

Sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture,
Seoul Metropolitan Government, Ministry of Culture,
Sports and Tourism, Paradise Cultural Foundation,
Piknic, d/p

Supported by Soft Parade, DoSuHyang

Scheme and Orchestration / Yanghee Lee

Yebin Kang Practice Choreography / Yebin Kang
Giyoung Kim Practice Choreography / Giyoung Kim
Yura Park Practice Choreography / Yura Park
Barney O’Hanlon Practice Choreography / Barney O’Hanlon
Minji Lee Practice Choreography / Minji Lee
Yanghee Lee Practice Choreography & Unlearn Mechanism / Yanghee Lee
JaeHae Lee Practice Choreography / JaeHae Lee
Hohyun Jeon Practice Choreography / Hohyun Jeon
Choi Seung Yoon Practice Choreography / Choi Seung Yoon

Myung-jun Noh Practice Choreography / Myung-jun Noh

Hankil Ryu Practice Choreography / Hankil Ryu
Yanghee Lee The 9th Practice (Remix. Hankil Ryu) & 
The 12th Practice Music / Mogwaa

Jae Young Ahn Practice Choreography / Jae Young Ahn

Spatial Installation

Culinary Art / Yurim Byun (Eat Me Berlin)

Botanical Art / Sohee Park (ELLE TRAVAILLE)

Space & Object Design / Dohyun Kim (dohyunkim
studio )

Fashion & Yanghee Lee The 12th Practice Design / Hyemee Lee (EENK)

Make-up / Jo Yeon Won, Jiwon Moon

Hair / Jo Mi Yeon, Jihye Oh

Production Management / Suzy Park, Jiyoung Jung
Production Assistant / Eunji Sung, Jaemin Shin

Editorial / Hyo Gyoung Jeon
Graphic Design / Moonsick Gang
Translated / Colin Mouat

Video Document / Uyu Media Lab

Photography / Soohwan Lee

©  Woong Chul An